Wednesday, May 14, 2014

How to Clean Limescale Easily!

If you have limescale in your sink, this will get rid of it faster and safer then the chemical solutions that you buy at the store. 

If you have read about how to make the Toilet Bombs, then you know they work in the toilet!

Since I have made them, I have been looking for things to use them on! We tried a few different things on the sink and nothing would take it off.

Since our sink isn't 100% level, the water tends to pool on this side of the sink. :( Scrubbing and harsh chemicals didn't get it out, so I was beginning to think nothing was.

I looked over and saw the toilet bombs, and thought, eh what the heck! Might as well try it!

I put a little water into the sink and let it fizz. When it was about done fizzing, I took my hand and scrubbed with what was left. After I rinsed the sink......

All of the limescale was gone!

I'm going to try the bathtub next!

Get the recipe for the Toilet Bombs Here!

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